Google AdWords Services

What Makes Driven Leads Different?

At Driven Leads, Google Adwords services and management isn’t just asking a team to bid on a few keywords that you want to show up for. Here we strive to build a program that doesn’t just drive traffic to your sites, but it drives leads, sales, and results.

With Driven Leads as your partner in online marketing, we will take care of your daily, weekly, & monthly tasks so your team can focus on answering the phone, following up on leads, and shipping out new sales. Each campaign we build is different and unique for its area, industry, and focus. You need to have a campaign that works for your business as you grow, not against you.

How Can AdWords Help Me?

Buyer Leads

Running Google Adwords for Real Estate buyer leads is a very specific and straight forward program. You are focusing on people searching for the latest listings, newest homes in the area, and possibly even foreclosures in their area.

Capture More Leads

There are thousands of people in different situations looking to sell their home fast and for instant cash.  These are the Real Estate Investment opportunities your group might be looking for.  Getting in front of them instantly and efficiently is important, because the competition is stiff.

Customized Campaigns

Running Google Adwords for Mortgage Refinance leads is extremely competitive, so you want to make sure that you are running campaigns only in areas that you are licensed and the areas you see the most opportunity to get new customers.

Seller Leads

Running Google Adwords for Real Estate leads is becoming a very popular and competitive market.  Seller leads can be limited and is something that you want to make sure you are very detailed on where you want your ads to show.

Start Conversations

Home Buyer leads are as popular as ever and the amount of traffic coming to the internet to find out more information getting a home mortgage is continuing to grow every year.  Getting in front of a home buyer early in the process is a sure fire way to lock them in a with a pre-qualification and then a home loan.

Immediate Results

We should probably put some content here.  Something about Google and leads and how Driven Leads can make those things come together in a way that is mutually beneficial.  Like Clay Matthews and being overrated are mutually beneficial.
Customized AdWords, Done Right
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