How It Works

Start With Consultation Call

Every single Driven Leads client is unique and their business is unique from the next client.  Knowing this, we approach every program as a custom setup.  In our initial free consulting call, we will go over your goals, your current programs, & what might work best for your systems.

Its the base we start every account with & where a successful program gets it’s start.

Choose Your Program Path

Armed with all the information you need to decide what program path you want to start with, we step back and let you make that decision independent from a sale push and 3-5 sales follow up calls.  The reason we do not run a sales type pitch, is because we only want to partner with people that are 100% all in on the process.

You can choose to run all systems, or you can choose to pick one of the paths to start with and give yourself the opportunity to grow into other traffic avenues.

Creating Your Custom System

Once you choose your program path, we schedule another call to cover the build out, billing, and schedule.  It typically takes us 7-10 days to build a system from scratch and make sure you have all of your systems in place.

Once we are done building your targeted traffic program, we will turn on the systems and you should see leads start to generate in most cases the same day.

Turn On The Funnel

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